"The best life is for the one,

who turns towards light,

                      and sheds light to others."  Zarathustra

Good Thoughts

Good Words

​Good Deeds

We are not sent here to be punished. Our life on Earth is like being at the university. We are here to be transformed as a caterpillar (human) to a butterfly (Faravashi- the True Self).

Did we fulfil our task at this university? Or, did we waste our time? Did we really "kill the time'" or the time was killing us? We shall see at the "Final Exam."

Zarathustra did not bring a religion  to us.  He showed humanity  a map in order for us to have a more conscious, loving, balanced, and peaceful life on Earth. 

(27:42 minutes)

1. Truth will set you free, but it hurts 

(1:05:37 minutes)

2. Who were the Magi in the Gospel of Matthew?

Who were the Magi in the Gospel of Matthew? Why did they come all the way from the East to Bethlehem to acknowledge the brith of Jesus? Why did they follow the shining star and brought three gifts? Why did they bring with them gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh as an offering to Jesus? Were they Persian Zoroastrians' priests according to most Christian scholars (see below links as a few examples)? 




(25:19 minutes)

3. Being Born Again

A breakdown or a breakthrough?

(26:32 minutes)

4. The Wise Zarathustra

The First Magi

(12:32 minutes)

5.  Ahura Mazda (The Supreme Being)

(8:57 minutes)

6. Personality vs the authentic self (Faravashi)

 (17:03 minutes)  

7.Twin Spirits

              Spenta Mainyu (Good Mind)             Angra Mainyu (Evil Mind -Ahriman)

Good and bad are two sides of the same coin.

Which side of the coin do I choose?

(12:07 minutes)

8. Our Internal Heaven and Hell

What door  do we choose to open?

(28:50 minutes)

9. Our Purpose in Life

(25:45 mintes)

10. The Story of Creation from Zarathustra's view

Life on earth is like being at the university -A school to learn and to graduate at the end. 

(14:58 minutes)

11. Final Exam (Death)

“By Thy perfect Intelligence, O Mazda

Thou didst first create us having bodies and

spiritual consciences,

And by Thy Thought gave our selves the power of

thought, word, and deed.

Thus leaving us free to choose our faith at our own will.” 

 Yasna 31-11. The Gathas: The Hymns of Zarathushtra