"The best life is for the one,

who turns towards light,

                      and sheds light to others."  Zarathustra

Good Thoughts

Good Words

​Good Deeds

 "One of the most important things to be understood about human is that we are asleep. Even while we think we are awake, We are not. Our wakefulness is very fragile; Our wakefulness is so tiny it doesn’t matter at all. Our wakefulness is only a beautiful name, but utterly empty.

We sleep in the night, we sleep in the day; from birth to death we go on changing our patterns of sleep, but we are never really awake. Just by opening the eyes, we can't befool ourself that we are awake. Unless the inner eyes open, unless our inside becomes full of light, unless we can see ourself, who we are, don’t think that we are awake. "  

There is only one truth: The Supreme Being 

"Zarathustra brings a total revolution in the concept of God and religion. Now religion is no longer a worship or a belief; now religion becomes the greatest creative act of human. Now religion is not what enslaves human, imprisons our spirit. In Zarathustra’s hands religion becomes the art of shattering all the chains, destroying all the hindrances, so that human consciousness can become divine consciousness."   

Le Trio Joubran Masar