"The best life is for the one,

who turns towards light,

                      and sheds light to others."  Zarathustra

Good Thoughts

Good Words

​Good Deeds

“The reward that Zarathustra

Has promised to the Assembly of Magi

Is the Abode of Songs

Which from the start

Has been the place to reach

Ahura Mazda,

I give you this good news

Which is achieved through

Good Thoughts and Righteousness.”

Gathas, song 16, stanza 15,  

(Dr. Khosro Khazai - The Gathas – The Sublime Book of Zarathushtra). 

The Three Magi (Zoroastrian's priests), Byzantine mosaic c. 565, Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy (restored during the 18th century). As here Byzantine art usually depicts the Magi in Persian clothing which includes breeches, capes, and Phrygian caps.

Magi (the Magha or Maga ) means great, high in wisdom, those who search through wisdom in Zoroastrianism. The presence of the Magi  after Jesus's birth was noted 2000 years later in the Bible, referring as the "three magis" in the Gospel of Matthew.  Zarathustra has devoted seven stanzas to praise the Assembly of the Magi in the Gathas.

The Magi
Rock carving at Museum
for Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara

"Zoroastrianism, the magha or maga, were known to the Greeks as the magi (singular: magus). Plato (429–347 BCE) calls Zoroaster the founder of the doctrine of the Magi. According to one of Plato's disciples, Hermodorus, Zoroaster was a Persian and the first Magi." (K. E. Eduljee))

Zarathustra, the first Magi  -The wise man

Zoroaster “came to be regarded [in Christian Europe] as a master of magic (Magi), a philosopher and an astrologer, especially after the Renaissance."

 The obscure religion that shaped the West, BBC News Culture 2017

"When the classical Greek writers refer to Zoroaster as an 'inventor' of astrology, they probably mean ancient Zoroastrian priests, the magi, who were the inheritors of Zoroaster's wisdom, and who during the era of the Persian-Achaemenian Empire (c. 600-c. 330 BCE) were renowned from the borders of Greece and Egypt to those of India and China as physicians, healers, astronomers and even astrologers."

(Magi - Zoroastrian Priests, Zoroastrian Heritage- Author: K. E. Eduljee)

Le Trio Joubran- Safar (The Journey)